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Reimagining commerce

Organizing the world’s
information and making it
accessible through search

Reimagining entertainment
one song at a time through
streaming music

Pioneering medical
breakthroughs with

Building the workplace
collaboration hub

Bringing the art
of storytelling to
video games

Enabling trusted
transactions with

Unleashing the power of
networked computing

Designing magical products
and services to help power
the smart home

Bringing the Internet
to the world through
the web browser

Developing transformative
therapies to treat cancer

home security

Introduced customers to
online connectivity

Building a connected
community for fitness

Improving smiles with
invisible orthodontics

Pioneering the use of
metals in 3D printing

Using data and clinical
science to help improve
lives of people with
chronic disease

Improving business
decisions by democratizing
data analytics

Delivering web traffic through
packet-based routers

Reinventing Fraud Prevention
and Authentication

Enabling customizable
hardware with
programmable logic

Managing and analyzing
information with
relational databases

Developing the
world’s highest energy
density batteries

Expanding computing
capacity with
remote access

Killing cancer cells
with immunology

Helping enable a
trusted internet

creativity through
collaborative design

Making businesses efficient
with software robotics

Big data and intelligence
software for
security analytics

Giving students
equal access to
job opportunities